REUNION - JULY 15, 2000

2 Coneys, 1 Spanish, 1 large, 1 small orange...

The Wheeler's gang enjoyed an hour together before the reunion.

Front: Velma & Dick Wheeler

Back L-R: Kaye France Huckle, Judy Whiteleather Browning, Don Lipke, Terry Meyer, Brenda Reeg Robison & Lucy Langohr Grant.


And then on to Eagle's Nest!

After an hour of socializing, Jack Hyndman emceed the official festivities of the evening. The Reunion Committee & volunteers received unique appreciation awards created by Don Lipke.

L-R: Jack Hyndman, Don Lipke, Marge Poffenberger Hollenbaugh, Becky Cable Phillips, Brenda Reeg Robison & Larry Gregory.

Below L-R: Jack Hyndman, Don Lipke, Marge Poffenberger Hollenbaugh, Becky Cable Phillips (behind Marge), Brenda Reeg Robison, Lenna Rouse Burnham & Austin Spencer.

We ate & talked!

L-R: Don Berkshire, Sharlene Heupel Berkshire (behind Don), Sue Hilligoss Bryan, Bert Bryan, Jody Walter McKinney, & Lucy Langohr Grant.

And Talked & Talked & Talked!

L-R: Stan Shively & Dennis Myers compare notes on the last 40 years.

John Grant & Dick Waugh wore the same outfit! Great minds run in the same direction, I guess.



Our star basketball player & his coach were there. Bill's scoring record of 47 points in a game against Wolf Lake was almost broken this a girl! But she broke her foot before the last game.

L-R: Mark Hammel, Mrs. Hammel (hidden), Bill Schwarz, Becky Cable Phillips.

Some brought their 1960 yearbooks...but who looks like that anymore!

L-R: Judy Whiteleather Browning, Kaye France Huckle, Catherine Lipke, Don Lipke, Jim Kissinger (hidden), Julie Quinn Kissinger.




Clockwise from 7 o'clock: Gloria Elliott Gilbert, Gloria's son, Dan Kraft (Sharon McCoy's husband), Richard Knepple, Nancy Keirn Knepple, & Marilyn Gibson Smith.






L-R: Nancy Clark, Wayne Clark, Stan Krider, Mary Krider, Jim Fleischer (hidden), & Carol Kessler Fleischer.





L-R: Stan Shively, Sue Ann Wigent, Tom Wigent, Connie Keppler Grant.




Girl Talk!

Left, L-R: Marie Roberts Breaux, Julie Ann Leas, Rosie McCoy Fields & ?? Right, L-R: Ginny Meier Wright & Lenna Rouse Burnham.

And Boy Talk!

L-R: Larry Gregory & Terry Ward share some memories while Jane Ward, Mert Wagoner & Kathy Miller (Sam's wife) listen:


And this one's just to drive you nuts! Can you find Lenna Rouse Burnham, Judy Corbin Welch, Penny Williams Smith, Mary Aker Lord, Austin Spencer, Larry Gregory, Linda Growcock Walker? Anyone else?

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