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Class Coordinator Duties

Being Class Coordinator doesn't require much time & you don't need to live in CC.  Much of the work can be accomplished by email.  It is helpful to have access to the address list for class reunions.  Since the position is voluntary, it's duration is open. 

The Class Coordinator serves as the liaison between a class and CCHS Alumni Association, keeping the alumni association informed of class news such as reunions & deaths and advising classmates about alumni association news & events.  They also encourage classmates to enter their profiles online. 

Some Class Coordinators obtain permission from classmates to enter their profiles from class reunion questionnaires, and some enter just a bit of info on classmates, such as city & town, occupation. etc.  See the Class of 1960 for a class that has info entered for everyone.

If you have or can put together a list of deceased classmates, the webmaster will add that info to your class.  Peabody Library has an obituary index to the newspaper, so some other details can usually be added to the profile of deceased classmates.

Whenever a classmate enters a profile in the Alumni Database, the Class Coordinator receives a copy of the email sent by CCHS Alumni Association confirming that the entry is online.  This requires no action by the Class Coordinator but keeps him or her informed of online profiles entered by their classmates.

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