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Class Memories From 1963

Entered by: Michael Trout on 07-15-2008

I don't entirely know why my time at CCJHS meant so much to me, and lingers in my heart after all these years. I was there for only a year (last half of 10th and first half of 11th), but that period was a highlight of my life. I recall the election of John as our president (junior year); I think I might have run against him (I can't recall), but I did end up as v.p. This made me in charge of the prom--a job I didn't get to finish, as we moved away. (I still attended both junior and senior proms at CCJHS.) Basketball was king, in my mind, so I still think often of Mike Cook and Rafer. I tell stories to my children about that year, and many of the people I still treasure (unbeknownst to them!).

Entered by: Mike Hey on 02-26-2008

Making friends my first day at CCJHS as a Junior. Playing in my first game and throwing the ball against the West wall on a fast break. My awesome teammates and great seasons in bsketball and baseball, great memories. The awesome support from the community supporting our bsketball team. Dances in city hall that we were not suppose to attend. Taking salt tablets in basketball practice because water wasn't suppose to be good for you. Good school, great friends, great teachers.

Entered by: Carla Mullen on 02-17-2006

Friendships made still continue! Enjoyed Choir and Mrs. Munns!

Entered by: Unknown on 08-29-2005

Tremendous class spirit. Painted the watertower for the first and last time ever, great athletic teams, MAX, MAX, MAX, Class parade 1963, bonfire at Brennan's, Ric Grant, Heritier, etc

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