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Class Memories From 1992

Entered by: Devin Farmer on 06-02-2007

All growing up we moved around a lot, sometimes going to several schools in one year. The last half of 8th grade at Thorncreek and all four years at CCHS was the longest I was able to go to one school. It took a while to get used to being in one place for so long and letting down the walls to make friends but I am glad I did. I made some of the best friends I ever had while at CCHS among the students and and finally had teachers that believed in me. I will forever be appreciative of that. Even after school I moved around a lot through a few states but have settled down finally, got married and comfortable. I missed the last reunions but am looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can at the 15yr.

Entered by: Brenda Williams Recker on 03-22-2007

I was a first-year teacher at Thorncreek - Miss Williams.

Many of you were my treasured "first class." Thank you
for a wonderful initiation into a long teaching career.

I would love to hear what any of you are doing these days

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