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Name: William Eugene Weigold (Nickname = Bill)
Spouse: Yvonne Mildred Lodge Weigold
Address 4447 Eicher Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Phone Number 260 485 0679
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1957 Attended from 1 through 12

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Birthdate: August 11, 1938   
Date of Death: ,  

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Spent the summer after graduating working at Columbia products (lot of fun i had haha) Uncle sam had me for the next two years and i had to go play army. Wouldn't you know when i got back to cc in 1960 my parents had moved to ft. wayne. I still think they were trying to lose me!

Anyway i found a job of sorts selling life insurance for a fly by night company and managed to stay there until i met my wife in 1963. Needed more money by then (first child on the way) So i had a friend of mine from cc that some of you may remember Terry May thought you would. Anyway, he was selling automobiles and i always liked cars so what the i'll try selling some. What do you know i spent the next 30 years selling and wholesaling cars.

Family of five all raised by now and the wife said lets move away from here Jed, i mean Bill. So here mother and her sister lived in Las Vegas, Nev. of all places and off we went. 118 degrees on a mild day and me selling cars i don't think so. By this time it was 1994 and i wasn't old enough for the rocking chair so i found a job working in doors at the auto auction only 100 degres in there. I managed to stay until the auction was sold in 1997.

Still couldn't get SSecurity. Now for my last and best job ever, no, it wasn't a bank job, it was driving a shuttle bus from the airport to the casinos. Made so much money i didn't want to retire. But, i finaly did in 2000 and we now have a home in las vegas and ft. wayne

Anybody want to go gambling or to a great show? After driving the strip and downtown i'd make a great tour guide. Anyway enough about my life.

We're remodeling an older home on the northeast side of Ft. Wayne, so if any of my old cc buddy's are in the flooring, siding etc. come and see me, we're in the book..... PS we only lived a few miles from Barb Carver when we lived in lv. She was living in Utah.also Sarah Duncan and her husband lived in Lv. Ted Lipke lived north of us in San fransisco Joan Shang lived south of us in San Diego One of the Anderson twin's was living in Sacramento. So, i was never really too far from 407 north chauncey in cc.
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